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Light valve Co., Ltd.("Our company")teeth, In view of the importance of personal information protection, we will comply with the Privacy Act on Protection of Personal Information and our privacy policy to strive to protect your customers.

1. Personal information definition

Information about the individual who survived, and the customer's name, address, and telephone number can be identified.

It also includes information that can identify individuals by matching in conjunction with other information.

2. Privacy Policy Declaration

We respect the privacy of our customers who use the website operated by our company, and strive to protect your privacy.

We use personal information only for service provision purposes.

We are not involved in buying and selling personal information, replacement, or misuse in other ways. 

By providing personal information to this website, you will be accepted and approved for the handling of personal information described in this privacy policy.

3. Collection of personal information

We are directly interviewed by our customers, telephone,FaxOther direct mail, questionnaire, various applications, various applications, purchases of products, etc. may collect customer personal information.

Personal information collected from customers is used for the following purposes.

· Checking order and product shipping, inquiry

· Sending direct mail and materials for goods

· Contact our customers as needed

· Other transactions etc. attached to the above

4. About using personal information

When we use customer's personal information, we will only use it within the collection purpose and range of use at the time of collection, and does not use personal information more than the purpose and exceeding the scope.

In addition, personal information may be disclosed to a settlement company for identity verification, billing confirmation and credit survey at a settlement company.

5. Ensuring accuracy

Personal information (hereinafter referred to as "personal data") that make up the personal information database (hereinafter referred to as "personal data") has taken appropriate measures to maintain accurate and up-to-date conditions.

6. Disclosure of personal data

It does not disclose and provide personal data to a third party without any customer except for the following cases.

· When based on laws and regulations

· If it is necessary for human life, physical or property protection, it is difficult to get customers' consent.

· When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote children's healthy development, it is difficult to get your consent.

· If you need to cooperate with the government's organization or a local public organization or a person who has been commissioned by a local public organization or its consignment, it is difficult to carry out the execution of the office by obtaining the customer's consent. When there is a risk of affecting.

· When the user discloses the company where the user wants to provide the service to be desired.

7. Safety management measures

Personal data from customers have taken advantage of appropriate management and take precautionary measures and safety measures for unauthorized access, leakage, loss, damage, etc.

8. Operator of employees

We conduct educational training on personal data protection for employees, and we are working to protect personal data by making them thoroughly identify their contents.

9. Consignment director

When we use your personal data, we may entrust personal data to third parties within the extent of legitimate use. The consignee requires strict managing personal data, such as the conclusion of the same level and the secret retention contract as our company.

10. Disclosure and correction of personal data

If our customers wish to confirm and correct personal data for your personal data to be stored, we will respond promptly within the range you need.

11. Relationship law and guidelines compliance

We comply with personal information protection law and other related laws and regulations and industry guidelines.

12. Continuous review of personal information handling rules

We will continuously review and improve the organization of personal information and organizational systems for executing it.

13. Handling of personal information at link destination

The scope of application of this policy is within our site, and links may be linked from this site to another company's website, but the handling of customers' personal information etc. on the linked website is responsible for handling I can not do it.

14. cookie(Cookies)about

cookie(Cookies) And the website is used to recognize the visited page in the data file that sends to your browser.

On our site, you can omit the trouble of entering each customer, and to collect historical information, etc. of the page that the customer visited (CookiesYou may use).

cookie(CookiesThe) does not identify individual users, but does not violate your privacy. Customers are used to set up the browserCookieYou can reject the receipt or display a warning when you receive a cookie. Customer"CookieYou can also view this site even if you are denied ", but you may not be able to use some features for the service provided by this site.

15. Contact

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16. Privacy Policy Change

When we change personal information, purpose of use, and other privacy policies to collect, we shall publish it with this website, and about the content of the change, on this website1At the time of a week, all customers are considered to be accepted. However, if there is a possibility that a third party may arise, it is exceeding the case of assuming this privacy policy, and if we need immediate response and our company is judged, it will not wait for the above period. You can change this privacy policy, and it is considered that all customers have accepted immediately after viewing changes on this website.

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